No fear, I’m not being paid by these guys. I just think they make or sell great stuff that is worth checking out.

Information on walks


  • Parks NSW –
  • VIC Parks –
  • Tasmania –

New Zealand


walk descriptions on my shelf

  • Barrow, Graeme. 25 Family Bushwalks in and around Canberra (1991).
  • Chapman, John & Siseman, John. Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks (1998).
  • Daly, John & Lyn. Take a walk in New South Wales National Parks – South Eastern Zone (2002).
  • Siseman, John. Australian Alps Walking Track (1988).
  • Thomas, Tyrone. 70 Walks in Southern New South Wales and ACT (1998).
  • Thomas, Tyrone & Klinge, Sven. Australian Mountains. The Best 100 Walks (1998).

Writers on walking

  • Baker, Ian. The Heart of the World. A Journey to Tibet’s Lost Paradise (London, 2004).
  • Matthiessen, Peter. The Snow Leopard (New York, 1978).
  • Thomson, Hugh. The White Rock. An Exploration of the Inca Heartland (London, 2001).
  • Thomson, Hugh. Nanda Devi. A Journey to the Last Sanctuary (London, 2004).
  • Thubron, Colin. To a Mountain in Tibet (London, 2011).
  • Weare, Garry. A Long Walk in the Himalaya. A Trek from the Ganges to Kashmir (Yarraville, 2007).

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