About me

Although ‘Sunday walks’ formed a regular part of my childhood, I only really got into the wilder side of walking when I migrated to Australia at the end of the last century. I’ve done many walks in the Canberra area, Snowy Mountains, Budawangs, the Overland Track and the Great Ocean Walk. I’ve also done treks in Nepal and India, walked the Routeburn and Rees-Dart tracks in New Zealand, the Abruzzi in Italy, Torres del Paine in Chile and the Fitzroy area in Argentina.

I’m not a fan of your typical hard-core, death-defying bushwalking club and prefer to walk in the company of friends who share a similar low-key and relaxed approach to bushwalking – more wine than whining. I’ve also taken to doing quite a few walks on my own in the last few years, both day walks and overnight adventures. As a woman apparently that makes me a bit of an oddity. I don’t see why it should be that way and would like to inspire more women to get out there, with or without friends.

I started this blog to share how I enjoy my walks, with friends or alone. You will not find detailed descriptions here, but rather tales of my experiences or musings during the walks I undertake and they may or may not be related to the walk in question. I also write about my travels and always try to post some photographs, my other passion. My entries will not be regular, but when I’m able to add another outing. I hope my experiences will encourage other people to get out there and enjoy the bush or other remote and beautiful places on this planet.

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Heike :-)

    Hi Sheila, wenn ich deinen Blog lesen werde ich traurig weil ich Fernweh bekommen. Freue mich schon auf unsere nächsten Abenteuer (du weist auch wo 🙂
    Big hug and take care.
    Heike (die die das Meckern beim bushwalking nicht lassen kann, die es aber trotz allem liebt 🙂

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