Last day in Bariloche


The last few days have been a nice rest from all the previous exertions. Many Argentinian reds were consumed together with copious amounts of food. So much for that intended weight loss, but what can you do when you land in the chocolate capital of Argentina?!

We’ve taken the chairlift up to the Cerro Campanario, walked down from there (although we shall not speak of that again, as somehow we managed to get lost and turn it into a very long hike back), rented a car and drove to Villa L’Angostura, cruised around Llao Llao, Bahia Lopez and Colonia Suiza and topped it off with a chairlift ride up (and down) Cerro Catedral from where we had this stunning view.

Tomorrow I fly back to São Paulo and on Monday I will be back in the office. Not for long. Xmas family gathering awaits, but it will be a fairly manic five days before boarding that flight to Zurich.

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