In Patagonia


After getting up at 3am to catch the flight to Buenos Aires, everything worked like clock work, despite my fears given the reputation of Aerolineas. But the planes were on time, there was just a fairly long wait in BA, but not long enough to go into town. Landing in El Calafate provided magnificent views. The Hosteria La Estepa is a bit outside the centre, but in a beautiful spot, as you can tell from the photo accompanying this post. Augustina was very helpful and before too long she had me sorted with bus bookings including to Perito Moreno. But first Los Glaciares awaits.

Done my shopping in town, got my gas canister and am mostly sorted to catch the bus tomorrow at 8am. That will get me to El Chalten before noon, enough time to start the first part of the track. And so far the weather has been fantastic, warm and blue skies, although if you went by how all the tourists are dressed (yes, I know I am one too!) you would think you had landed in Antarctica. I wonder what they will wear when the weather gets nasty…

I will be out of contact for a few days until I return to El Calafate, so next post will be then.

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