Getting ready

OK, I know it’s been a very long time since I last posted here, but when you move countries and take on a new job, it does take time to settle in and find your walking feet again. Other than my regular walk in the park here in São Paulo, I haven’t done much and getting out of this city takes a bit of effort too.

But tomorrow after work I will be heading out on an organised trip (unusual for me, but sensible under the circumstances) that will take me to the Parque de Itatiaia, Brazil’s oldest national park, in an attempt to climb the Pico das Agulhas Negras. At nearly 2,800m the Pico is the 6th largest mountain in Brazil and by the sounds of it, it will turn into an interesting rock scramble (and we all know how well I go with that).

It’s been great to get the backpack out again, even if it’s only a daypack, and get my gear ready. About time I get going too, in less than three months I will be in Patagonia. I will post more on the Itatiaia trip when I return.


One thought on “Getting ready

  1. Hey Sheila, glad to see you out on the trail again…..where are you planning to go in Patagonia? Jo and I loved the circuit, and I would definately go to El Chalten and the Fitzroy area if you have the time….less crowded than TDP. I’ve been doing a lot (as in every weekend) backpacking here at home…I’m quitting my job in January and taking an MSF assignment (somewhere in Africa) for awhile then I will be working on call as much as I can while home and travelling when I’m not and hoping to do the Pacific Crest Trail in 2015…..want to join me? 2600 miles over 5 months, it might be a challenge….

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