Back to civilisation

OK, I’ll admit it. I went back to Rome early. But in my defence, it was freezing cold on Monday morning and when I got to Assergi after an hour’s walk it did not exactly look inviting. The place where I was thinking of staying had a big, nasty canine barking its head off at me and the whole village didn’t look that nice a place. Did I mention it was cold?

So I decided I’d just pick up the bus from there and go back to Rome and spend another day sightseeing instead. “Just pick up a bus” turned into a two hour wait, so I was a tad stiff with cold when it finally arrived, but from taking the bus at one, I was back in Rome by 4pm, checked into the hotel shortly after. Happy days.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I went to the National Museum of Modern Art in the surroundings of the Villa Borghese. Great place and the cafe was lovely too. From there I meandered through the city, all the way to Trastevere where I had a late lunch and back up again, had a gelato at Ciampini and then decided to have a nice drink on the rooftop bar at the Spanish Steps. A great place to watch life in the city as I slowly savoured my campari soda and nibbled on olives.

Today, in less than two hours from now I’ll get on the train to Milan. I’ve never been there, except for passing through, so it’s a good opportunity to quickly see it, before flying from there to Amsterdam.

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