Rocca Calascio

Signor Mario had given me alternative directions to get to Calascio, but obviously I wasn’t very good at following them and ended up taking the long way to Calascio, via Castelvecchio Calvisio. The problem was once I got to Castelvecchio, the only way to get to Calascio was by following the road. That at midday with little shade on a warm day was not the best of things to do, but that’s just how things panned out.

In Calascio I had a breather and a lemonade before facing up to the fact that there was still more climbing to be done to get to Rocca Calascio. I had given up on going to Castel del Monte today and was hoping to stay at the Refugio della Rocca instead. Slowly I ambled my way up and walked into a happy gathering of various nationalities at the Refugio. Turns out they are all here to celebrate the birthday of one of them and there is a big party tonight.

I get a bed in the dormitorio and am only too happy to get there. Because of the party tonight the restaurant is not really open, but I am invited to join the party! How can you say no to that?!

A shower is one of the first things I do and I feel much better afterwards. Another lemonade and I go for a meander up to the castle ruins. This is a magical spot: the castle is incredible and the view from there takes in the Corno Grande and all the other mountains that surround the area.

Now I wonder what time the party starts…

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