Pasta, pasta!

Ah, Italy and pasta. Overdosed a bit on that today, as on other things, such as a wonderful invention of croissants filled with Nutella that the hotel serves for breakfast. Seriously.

The photo was taken at Campo dei Fiori. I particularly like the rainbow coloured pasta; certainly have never seen the like of that before. I got there by meandering from the hotel towards the Tiber River, Via Giulia, Palazzo Farnese and found this market. A bit more meandering via Piazza Navona (with mellow jazz) and the Pantheon, brought me to the lunch objective: Matricianella in Via del Leone. I indulged in bucatini all’amatriciana – slippery thick spaghetti-like pasta in tomato sauce with bacon. It was a miracle I managed to not cover myself in tomato sauce.

Tonight I had dinner at Il Molo in Via del Castelfidardo (every time I see that name I have to think of Tintin and La Castafiore) and had spaghetti alle vongole. Yum. Far too much food, too much wine (the waiter poured this massive glass of house wine) and finished off by sorbeto al limone and a glass of grappa on the house.

But I have worked hard for it and must have walked nearly six hours through Rome today. After lunch I walked to the Vatican, along the river and the Castel Sant’Angelo. I dutifully lined up to see the Basilica di San Pietro, as after all that is what you do when in Rome. I know it’s fabulous and extraordinary, but if I’m really honest, it didn’t move me one little bit. I followed that by a visit to the Vatican museum, in particular to see the Sistine Chapel.

The Vatican museum – oh, the horror, the horror. This is my idea of hell: hundreds, if not thousands, of rude and uncouth tourists, shuffling and pushing their way to the Sistine Chapel to tick off something on their guidebook-inspired list. I’m no better and became one of them, shuffling along with this insane mass of people. The Romans must hate us tourists, except for the money we bring. Both in San Pietro as in the Chapel people completely ignored the request for silence. I am not a believer myself, but is it really that hard to respect a house of worship?

Anyway, I have ticked this off my list and can return to doing what I like best: meandering through the city, soaking up the atmosphere and taking pictures. Foro Romano and Trastevere tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Pasta, pasta!

  1. Karen

    If Rome is that busy now, wonder what it will be like when we arrive in late May!??! And like Helen, I’d like to know more about your sandals – can you post a photo?!

  2. spindocbob

    I found it funny hearing the volume of the murmurs in the Sistine Chapel rising higher and higher, until someone loudly goes ‘Shhhhhhhhhhh!’. Then it returns to silence to mark the start of the cycle.

  3. Great thing about eating like this in Italy–You are generally walking so much, you burn off as much as you consume. For me, after two months of culinary hedonism, I came home about three pounds lighter than when I left.

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