Window on Rome

This morning I arrived in Rome, glad to escape Singapore’s humidity, but missing its efficient immigration when I realised Rome isn’t quite that organised at the airport, or anywhere really.

After 12 hours on a plane that left well after midnight, I wasn’t feeling too flash, so after settling into my room and having a shower, I launched myself into Rome, walking first to the  gardens of the Villa Borghese and following these to the Villa Medici.

Can someone explain to me how the French get all the gorgeous buildings in Rome: Alliance Francaise in Villa Medici, Embassy in Palazzo Farnese? I suspect it has to do with old popes.

From Villa Medici I arrived at Tourist Central, but not before indulging in a little gelato at Ciampini.

From Piazza di Spagna the next tourist stop was the Fontana di Trevi. Very pretty, would have like to do an Anita Ekberg moment, but wasn’t wearing the right clothes.

Have found the perfect pair of sandals for a very reasonable price and it couldn’t have been better timed, as my feet were ready for a sandal swop before walking to Santa Maria Maggiore and then back to the hotel for a quiet dinner and an early night.

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