Last weekend I headed down the coast to catch up with friends. They suggested a walk from Meringo back to Tuross along the coast, which is part of something called the Bingi Dreaming Track. Although the track runs from Congo to Tuross, we decided to start at Meringo, which we discovered is a gorgeous spot with great views. The recent rains had made the start of our walk so muddy that my friend had to walk most of it barefoot due to choosing thongs as footwear. I was lucky I had put on my walking boots to negotiate the slippery track, but not for long. The track had us crossing some strong-flowing creeks from inland lagoons to the ocean, so before too long I was also negotiating those barefoot, with boots in hand.

The final 5.5 kilometres to Tuross on the beach were a tough slog. Walking on the sand, at high tide and at an angle was harder than it looked. When we got to the other end, two hours after we started our walk, it didn’t take long for our driver to pick us up and take us to Lake Tuross where we indulged in a nice lunch at the Pickled Octopus lubricated by some well-earned cold beers. Awesome crumbed calamari; among the best I’ve ever tasted. Happy days.

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